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Louisiana's Top Pain Management Specialists

The NeuroMedical Center’s Pain Management team continues to bring a higher level of care to patients across the Gulf South who are struggling with painful acute and chronic conditions.  The NeuroMedical Center’s Pain Management department combines Louisiana’s leading team of physicians specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R)Pain Medicine, and Interventional Pain who offer credentials and experience you won’t find anywhere else in Louisiana.  Our goal is to help our patients live their healthiest lives possible by easing pain symptoms and restoring function and movement, in the most conservative ways possible. Our teams utilize the most advanced technologies and therapies to help patients comfortably recover from medically-complex, immobilizing conditions such as stroke, brain injury, or spinal cord injury, as well as common conditions such as chronic lower back or neck pain.  

Comprehensive Care for Acute & Chronic Conditions

The Pain Management experts at The NeuroMedical Center offer comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, and care management for all neurological, neuromuscular, and orthopaedic conditions affecting pain-free mobility and function. They use scientifically proven techniques and treatments to block or treat a wide variety of painful conditions:

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R)

If you or someone you love is experiencing physical limitation caused by a neurological condition or serious injury, you need specialized care from a physician with your well-being in mind. Physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) is a specialized area of medicine that focuses on integrated care in the treatment of conditions related to the brain, spinal cord,  bones, nerves, muscles, and joints.  Physicians who specialize PM&R are called “physiatrists.”  Although our physiatrists do not offer surgical services, our team draws from a variety of treatment options, such as medications and therapy programs, to help patients decrease pain, improve performance, and return to an optimal level of independent functioning. 

PM&R specialists with The NeuroMedical Center’s accomplished team of neurological experts as well as physical, occupational, and speech-language therapists to tailor a plan to treat the whole patient, not just the injury or problem area. They provide a range of non-surgical treatments, including electromyography (EMG) and nerve conduction studies.  This  interdisciplinary team of neurological specialists provide patients the most advanced, effective neurorehabilitation programs currently available in Louisiana.

The NeuroMedical Center’s Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Specialists offer 24-hour care for patients in need of neurorehabilitation in The NeuroMedical Center’s Rehabilitation Hospital located on the 6th floor of The NeuroMedical Center.  The 27-bed facility is designed to help patients with various neurological, neuromuscular, and medically-complex diagnoses improve function and achieve the highest level of independence.

Consider seeing a PM&R specialist if:

  • You have severe pain that limits your activities and movement.
  • You’ve been in an accident that has left you with pain or limited function.
  • You’ve suffered a stroke or nerve damage.
  • You’re dealing with chronic pain from a back or neck issue.
  • You’re recovering from major surgery.

Pain Medicine & Interventional Pain

Back and neck pain, whether slightly noticeable or completely unbearable, is something that can keep you from doing the things you love most in life.  The NeuroMedical Center’s Pain Medicine and Interventional Pain Specialists aim to improve quality of life by providing minimally-invasive and maximally effective treatments for chronic back and neck pain conditions.  Many times back or neck surgery can be avoided using an interventional approach, or special procedures to treat and manage pain.  Our treatment goal is to minimize our patients’ dependence on opioids by exploring all non-surgical options to get you back on track, pain-free!  

Interventional Pain Management Goals:

  • Thoroughly assess and accurately diagnose your condition.
  • Develop a comprehensive pain relief plan specific to your needs.
  • Provide targeted treatments that deliver medicine to the source of your pain.
  • “Turn off” pain signals or disrupt their communication.
  • Reduce the amount of time pain is experienced and its severity
  • Allow for an increase in activities at home and at work
  • Improve quality of life

Non-Surgical Treatment Options

There are many types of Interventional Pain Management treatments. The type of treatment you receive will be based on your specific condition and symptoms, as each type of treatment varies in terms of invasiveness. Some of the most common interventional pain management techniques include:

The NeuroMedical Center’s Pain Management team has access to a 5-star hospital dedicated to spine-related pain management.  The full range of pain management procedures are performed in one of The Spine Hospital of Louisiana’s five pain procedure suites located on the first floor of The NeuroMedical Center.  More than 7,200 procedures are performed at The Spine Hospital every year by The NeuroMedical Center’s Pain Management team who utilize the safest and most effective manners available including fluoroscopic (x-ray) guidance for excellent patient outcomes.

Meet The NeuroMedical Center's Pain Management Team

The NeuroMedical Center’s pain management specialists are dedicated to finding our patients the very best treatment, or combination of treatments to provide lasting pain relief and get you back to the life you know as quickly as possible.

William J. Graugnard, M.D.
Interventional Pain Specialist

Shaun M. Kuoni, M.D.
Interventional Pain Specialist

Martin A. Langston, M.D.
PM&R / Pain Medicine Specialist

John E. Nyboer, M.D.
PM&R / Pain Medicine Specialist

Scott D. Nyboer, M.D.
PM&R / Pain Medicine Specialist

Samir K. Patel, M.D.
Interventional Pain Specialist

Jyoti S. Pham, M.D.
PM&R / Pain Medicine Specialist

Jake Trahan, III, M.D.
Interventional Pain Specialist

Jonathan D. Thompson, M.D.
PM&R/ Interventional Pain Specialist


Kate Costanza, PA-C 
Pain Management

Stephanie Guidry, FNP-C
Pain Management

Sara Hutchinson, PA-C
Pain Management

Vickie Rice, PA-C The NeuroMedical Center

Vickie Rice, PA-C
Pain Management


Emily Wagner, PA-C 
Pain Management

The NeuroMedical Center's Chronic Pain & Opioid Medication Policy

It is The NeuroMedical Center’s goal to safely reduce opioid usage while insuring our patients continue to improve and experience better quality of life. Many of our patients live with chronic, neurological disorders. Others suffered physical trauma and are on a long road to recovery. Our physicians recognize the delicate nature of opioid therapies and take pride in the appropriate usage and prescription of such medications. Although our physicians do incorporate opioid therapy in the treatment of some conditions and patients, opioids are never considered first-line therapy for chronic pain here at The NeuroMedical Center.

Choose the NeuroMedical Center's Pain Management Team

There is no reason for pain to control your life.  Pain may arise from a variety of sources, and this is why effective management of your symptoms often requires the expertise and coordinated efforts of a pain management physician with other healthcare professionals. When you choose The NeuroMedical Center’s Pain Management department, our pain specialists work with other spine, brain, and nervous system specialists to come up with a realistic plan for you, specific to your unique situation, and the goals you’re hoping to achieve.  And with several pain management clinics located throughout South Louisiana, we bring effective and compassionate care from world-class providers closer to home.