Post-Laminectomy Syndrome | The NeuroMedical Center

If you are suffering from neck or lower back pain that develops following surgery, you could have a condition known as post-laminectomy syndrome,  also known as “failed back syndrome” or “FBSS.”



Post-laminectomy syndrome is associated with a specific type of back surgery called a laminectomy.  During a laminectomy, bone at the rear of your vertebrae is removed to relieve pressure on your spinal nerves. But after a laminectomy, bone or soft tissue may still press on those nerves, forming scar tissue and irritating joints.


Symptoms of post-laminectomy syndrome  differs from patient to patient. Some of the more common symptoms include:

  • Dull aching pain the back or neck, especially at the site of the surgery
  • Pain radiating down your buttocks and legs
  • Hyperalgesia, or heightened pain sensitivity


Treatment for post-laminectomy syndrome depends on the cause and the severity of your pain.  It may include medications, injections, spinal cord stimulation (SCS), physical therapy, or a combination of these treatments.

The spine specialists at The NeuroMedical Center expertly diagnose and treat post-laminectomy syndrome. Request an appointment online so that one of our experts can begin to develop the most effective  treatment plan to manage your pain.