Special Interests: Scoliosis; Degenerative Disc Disease; Stenosis; Spinal Cord Compression; Trigeminal Neuralgia.

Dr. Corsten received his medical degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee where he graduated cum laude. Dr. Corsten completed his surgical internship and neurosurgical residency at the University of Illinois in Chicago before joining The NeuroMedical Center in 2002. Dr. Corsten received board certification in neurological surgery from the American Board of Neurological Surgery and maintains professional membership with the Congress of Neurological Surgeons.

Dr. Corsten’s neurosurgical experience, forward thinking, and ongoing commitment to delivering the highest quality of care has earned him regional, national and international recognition in his field. He is a member of the prestigious International Association of HealthCare Professionals and was named among the world’s top doctors in “The Leading Physicians of the World” publication. Additionally, Dr. Corsten was honored as Baton Rouge’s Top Neurosurgeon in 2007 and Top Doc of America in 2008.

Performing both complex and routine spine procedures, Dr. Corsten specializes in surgical treatment for a broad range of spinal conditions, such as scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, stenosis, spinal cord compression, infections and injuries, ruptured discs and back pain. He also offers surgical treatment for patients suffering with trigeminal neuralgia, a chronic, incurable disorder that mainly affects women and adults over 50 years of age. The condition affects the facial nerve that communicates sensation to the brain and causes episodes of sharp, searing pain in the cheek, teeth, jaw, lips, and sometimes the eye. Surgical options to treat this condition can include microvascular decompression and Gamma Knife radiosurgery. In his neurosurgery practice, Dr. Corsten also focuses on skull base neurosurgery to remove tumors and other abnormal growths at the base of the skull or the top vertebrae of the spine. Because this is the area where all the nerves connecting the brain to the body pass through, skull base operations require a high level of surgical skill and precision.


  • Named among world’s top doctors by the International Association of HealthCare Professionals
  • Baton Rouge’s Top Neurosurgeon (2007)
  • Top Doc of America (2008)