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Laser Spine Surgery in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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If you are searching for relief from chronic neck or back pain, and are ready to get back to the things you love sooner rather than later, laser spine surgery at The Spine Hospital of Louisiana may be the answer. We are Louisiana’s only provider of laser technology for the surgical treatment of spinal stenosis, herniated discs, degenerative disorders, and trauma. We proudly offer the only laser for spine surgery¬†on the entire Gulf Coast!

The Spine Hospital of Louisiana is home to the South’s largest group of neurosurgical specialists who expertly utilize the most advanced minimally invasive techniques available and remain on the cutting-edge of complex spinal surgery. Our five-star facility, voted #1 Hospital in Louisiana in both 2015 and 2016 boasts an expert team of neurosurgeons, ortho-spine surgeons, pain medicine physicians and neuroradiologists who all specialize in the non-surgical and surgical treatment of disorders affecting the spine and spinal cord.

Understanding Laser Spine Surgery

Laser spine surgery is a type of minimally invasive spinal surgery that allows for smaller incisions than standard open back surgery. Laser spine surgery allows for the precise vaporization of unwanted tissue such as a herniated disc. Minimally invasive laser surgery by the doctors at The Spine Hospital of Louisiana achieves results that are quicker, safer, and require less recover time than the traditional surgery. Patients go home the same day and their small incisions are covered with a small bandage or band-aid.

Our Laser Spine Surgery Specialists

Laser spine surgery recovery

Am I an Ideal candidate for Laser Spine Surgery?

At The Spine Hospital of Louisiana, our spine specialists view surgery as a last-resort option. However, if a patient is experiencing no relief from conservative therapies, our physician may recommend laser spine surgery to alleviate your pain. Laser spine surgery is most helpful for lumbar stenosis or lumbar herniated discs. It is also used for laser rhizotomies for the treatment of low back pain. Likewise, it can be used for the same issues in the cervical spine (neck.) Laser surgery isn't right for everyone. Fortunately, the doctors at The Spine Hospital of Louisiana can customize the perfect surgical plan for you with or without the laser.

Laser spine surgery recovery

Recovery from laser spine surgery is different for every patient. On average, patients who have undergone laser spine surgery or other minimally invasive spine surgery techniques are discharged from our hospital the same day of their surgery. On average, any of our patients return to full activity a few weeks.

Why Choose The Spine Hospital of Louisiana

The Spine Hospital of Louisiana is the surgical branch of The NeuroMedical Center campus that is solely focused on expert neurological care, offering the full range of treatment options including medical treatment and rehabilitation. Our group of spine specialists includes all 10 full-time operating surgeons in the Greater Baton Rouge area, 2 of the most reputable orthopaedic spine surgeons in South Louisiana, 5 pain medicine/PM&R specialists, and 2 in-house board-certified neuroradiologists. This expert team works in detailed collaboration to carefully diagnose the source of back and neck pain and recommend the very best individualized treatment options. Proudly maintaining one of the nation's lowest hospital infection rates and some of the highest patient satisfaction scores, The Spine Hospital of Louisiana offers a world-class facility with a family-like feel.