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A herniated disc is a common injury that can affect any part of the spine, but is most common in the lower back.  It is sometimes called a bulging or, protruding, or ruptured disc.  A disc begins to herniate when the jelly-like center of the disc pushes all the way through the outer ring, causing the ring to bulge.  This puts pressure on the spinal cord and nearby nerve roots.  A herniated disc can cause severe pain and other problems in the arms or legs.



Herniated discs commonly result from age-related weakening of the spinal discs. This is called disc degeneration, and it can occur gradually over many years as a result of normal wear and tear on the spine. A herniated disc can also result from a
traumatic injury, or from lifting a heavy object improperly.


Symptoms of a herniated disc vary depending on the location of the disc and the severity of the rupture. In most cases, lower back pain is the first symptom of a herniated disc.  This pain may last for a few days, then improve. Other symptoms include:

  • Sciatica- A sharp, shooting pain that extends from the buttocks down the back of one leg.
  • Numbness, tingling, or weakness in the legs

Herniated discs also occur in the neck, where they can cause symptoms in the shoulders, arms and hands.

Some herniated discs cause no symptoms, and a person with this type of injury may not realize the disc is damaged.

Expert Treatment for Herniated Discs in Baton Rouge, LA

The NeuroMedical Center offers the region’s largest team of experts, highly experienced in the evaluation and treatment of all conditions of the spine including herniated discs.  Taking a team approach to herniated disc treatment, spine specialists at The NeuroMedical Center always aim to treat this condition using conservative methods which can include interventional therapies including epidural steroid injections (ESIs) and physical therapy.   If these methods are not effective, the herniated disc may need to be treated with a surgical procedure.  In this case, The NeuroMedical Center offers 10 board-certified neurosurgeons with advanced training and knowledge in minimally-invasive surgical techniques. Surgical and non-surgical procedures to alleviate pain associated with a herniated discs are performed in the award-winning Spine Hospital of Louisiana, located on the 1st floor of The NeuroMedical Center.