A Laser Focus on Elite Neurosurgical Care

February 25, 2017 4:11 pm


Have you heard the great news?  The Spine Hospital of Louisiana is now among the nation’s elite when it comes to best overall care!  According to the latest HCAHPS data, out of more than 5,000 registered hospitals in the entire United States, The Spine Hospital of Louisiana, the state’s leader in spinal surgery (laser, minimally-invasive & complex) is ranked #20 for Best Patient-Rated Care! Additionally, The Spine Hospital of Louisiana is consistently rated a FIVE-STAR hospital by the federal government, and is the ONLY hospital in the state to receive five stars in spinal fusion surgery care from  Add that to a growing list of accolades earned by The Spine Hospital in just the past 12 months, including the prestigious Guardian of Excellence Award for achieving the 95th percentile of all hospitals nationwide in federal patient satisfaction scores, and being named Hospital of the Year in both 2015 and 2016 by the Louisiana Nurses Foundation. These profound honors are a testament to the level of neurosurgical care available RIGHT HERE in Baton Rouge.

According to Healthgrades data, orthopedic and spine surgery patients treated at a five-star facility are 51 to 67 percent less likely to experience common post-operative complications, such as hospital-acquired infection (HAI), deep vein thrombosis (blood clots), joint dislocation, surgical implant malfunction and surgical site infection, depending on the procedure performed. Similarly, patients treated at a one-star hospital are 2 to 3 times more likely to experience post-operative complications.

Spine Hospital of Louisiana

Choose your healthcare provider wisely!

The Spine Hospital of Louisiana is proud to be a physician-owned facility, located within The NeuroMedical Center campus.  In its short 12 year history, The Spine Hospital of Louisiana has emerged as Louisiana’s premier destination for care of the spine. The Spine Hospital of Louisiana is the Gulf Coast’s only provider of LASER spine surgery. Laser spine surgery offers tremendous benefits for patients allowing for smaller incisions and faster recovery time. The procedure takes approximately one hour, and most patients are able to go home the same day.

The Spine Hospital of Louisiana employs ALL TEN operating neurosurgeons in the Greater Baton Rouge area, two of the area’s most respected orthopaedic spine surgeons, five pain medicine specialists, as well as the South’s largest team of board certified neurologists, neuropsychologists, and neuroradiologists, who not only practice in the Baton Rouge area… they LIVE here too! To offer our patients the highest level of care, the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation is always overseen by the admitting physician at The Spine Hospital of Louisiana.


Safety, quality and patient satisfaction indicators should ALWAYS be considered when choosing your healthcare provider, especially for surgery. Here are a few important things you should always consider before selecting a facility for your surgical procedure:

  • Be wary of hospitals which allow surgeons from other cities, even other states who arrive, operate and leave. This poses a significant risk to the patient, should they have any post-operative complications that evening or in the coming days.
  • The same holds true for sending your clients out of state. Should an unforeseen complication arise, the patient deserves the security of trusting that their physician will be readily available to provide immediate intervention.

For these reasons above, the Baton Rouge medical community has established a standard for anesthesia and surgeons being available within 30 minutes.

“A decade of unbiased data speaks for itself– successful patient experiences and clinical outcomes is in our DNA” said Robert D. Blair, Chief Executive Officer of The Spine Hospital of Louisiana. “Everyone in our organization, from our physicians, to our nurses, to our front desk clerks dedicate significant time and resources toward providing the very best level of care for our patients. We are here for our patients before surgery, after surgery, and for the months and years that follow.”

Trust The Spine Hospital of Louisiana to serve you and your loved ones with experience, quality and award-winning satisfaction.

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