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The NeuroMedical Center Clinic

Baton Rouge Campus

The NeuroMedical Center Clinic
10101 Park Rowe Ave.
Baton Rouge, LA 70810

Main: (225) 769-2200

Scheduling: (225) 768-2050

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The NeuroMedical Center Clinic Department Directory

Neurosurgery3rd Floor
Neurosurgery (Scrantz & Oberlander)4th Floor
Neurology4th Floor
PM&R/Pain Management3rd Floor
Neuropsychology4th Floor
Neuroradiology1st Floor
Imaging Center1st Floor
Neurodiagnostic Lab4th Floor
Medical Records2nd Floor
Administration2nd Floor

The NeuroMedical Center Provider Directory

Provider’s NameSpecialtyFloor
Bishop, Taylor, PA-CNeurosurgery3rd Floor
Bowie, Charles R., M.D.Neurosurgery3rd Floor
Brizzard, Shayne, PA-CNeurosurgery3rd Floor
Brooks, Sarah, PA-CNeurosurgery3rd Floor
Brown, Jessica L. Clinical Psychology4th Floor
Bucher, Amanda, PA-CNeurosurgery3rd Floor
Burnett, Darla M.R., Ph.D., M.P.Clinical Psychology4th Floor
Calegan, Gerald J.Neurology4th Floor
Cole, Brooke B.Clinical Psychology4th Floor
Comeau, Valarie, PA-CNeurosurgery3rd Floor
Corban, Tamra, PA-CNeurosurgery3rd Floor
Corsten, Luke A., M.D.Neurosurgery3rd Floor
Costanza, Kate, PA-CNeurosurgery3rd Floor
Curley, Therese, PA-CNeurosurgery3rd Floor
Dammers, Paul J., Ph.D., M.P.Neuropsychology4th Floor
Diaz, Savannah, PA-CNeurology4th Floor
Dubois, Kristen, FNP-CNeurosurgery3rd Floor
Erwin, April A., M.D.Neurology4th Floor
Fautheree, Gregory L., M.D.Neurosurgery3rd Floor
Foster, Richard W., M.D.Neuroradiology1st Floor
Gawronski, Dariusz W., M.D.Neurology4th Floor
Granzin, Patti, APRN, FNPPM&R, Pain Medicine3rd Floor
Graugnard, William J., M.D.Pain Medicine3rd Floor
Hammonds, Sarah, PA-CPain Medicine3rd Floor
Kidder, B. Glenn, M.D.Neurology4th Floor
Langston, Martin A., M.D.PM&R, Pain Medicine3rd Floor
Lanier, Emily, PA-CPain Medicine3rd Floor
Little, Jennifer, APRN, FNPNeurology4th Floor
Long, Daniel, PA-CNeurosurgery4th Floor
Loupe, Mark, PA-CNeurosurgery3rd Floor
McIntyre, Kristin, PA-CNeurosurgery3rd Floor
Mitchell, Horace, L., M.D.Neurosurgery3rd Floor
Nyboer, John E.PM&R, Pain Medicine3rd Floor
Nyboer, Scott D.PM&R, Pain Medicine3rd Floor
O’Neil, Sarah, PA-CNeurosurgery3rd Floor
Oberlander, Eric. K., M.D.Neurosurgery4th Floor
Olson, Jon D., M.D.Neurology4th Floor
Patel, Kuldeep V.Neurology4th Floor
Patel, Samir K.Pain Medicine3rd Floor
Pham, Jyoti S., M.D.PM&R/Pain Medicine3rd Floor
Rau, Alexandra, PA-CNeurosurgery3rd Floor
Rice, Vickie, PA-CPM&R/Pain Medicine3rd Floor
Rutherford, Kelsey, APRN, FNPNeurology4th Floor
Scrantz, Kelly J., M.D.Neurosurgery3rd Floor
Schavrien, Lisa, PA-CNeurosurgery3rd Floor
Soleau, Scott D., M.D.Neurosurgery3rd Floor
Spangler, Erin, APRN, FNPNeurology4th Floor
Stanger, Richard A., M.D.Neurosurgery3rd Floor
Waguespack, Paul J., M.D.Neurosurgery3rd Floor
Whiddon, Rebecca E., M.D.Neurology4th Floor
Williams, R. Stephen, M.D.Neuroradiology1st Floor