Expert Care For Traumatic Brain Injuries at The NeuroMedical Center

October 15, 2016 4:23 pm

The mind is our most precious gift, and we go to great lengths to protect and preserve it into old age. Unfortunately, unavoidable accidents and injuries can occur. When they do, finding the clinic with the greatest degree of expertise is essential. At The NeuroMedical Center in Baton Rouge, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality care for traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and giving our patients the quickest path for a return to normalcy as possible.

Traumatic Brain Injuries Are Among The Most Complex Neurological Conditions

A traumatic brain injury is a complex injury with a wide spectrum of disabilities and symptoms. A brain injury is vastly different from a broken bone or a bruised rib, and must be treated with special care. Traumatic brain injuries do not heal like other injuries, and no two brain injuries are alike. One of the most problematic aspects of brain injuries is that the person does not often realize that the injury has occurred, and symptoms may not be present for days or weeks after the injury happened. Traumatic brain injuries can be mild or severe, mild symptoms usually lasting under 30 minutes with some disorientation or loss of consciousness, while severe injuries are associated with loss of consciousness for longer than 30 minutes, and memory loss after the injury lasting longer than 24 hours. Traumatic brain injuries, whether mild or severe, can have lasting impacts on the individuals affected.

The NeuroMedical Center Provides Advanced Treatment For Traumatic Brain Injuries

Our multidisciplinary team of specialists provides the highest level of comprehensive care for patients suffering from traumatic brain injuries South Louisiana. Staffed by the largest network of neurological experts in the region, including all ten operating neurosurgeons in the Greater Baton Rouge area and nine board certified neurologists from some of the country’s most respected institutions, The NeuroMedical Center offers coordinated treatment for traumatic brain injuries. Equipment in The NeuroMedical Center’s in-house Imaging Center, including a state-of-the-art 3T MRI scanner and CT, create detailed images of the brain to help our medical experts diagnose and treat a TBI. Additionally, our nationally-recognized Head Health Network Concussion Care Center is working to raise concussion care standards for teen athletes at home and across the nation through its innovative head injury prevention, diagnosis, and treatment program.

Significant brain injuries will require rehabilitation. The NeuroMedical Center Rehabilitation Hospital located on the 5th and 6th floor of The NeuroMedical Center is a 27-bed inpatient hospital staffed by physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians (physiatrists), physical, occupational, & speech therapists, and specialty-trained rehabilitation nurses, offering patients individualized treatment and therapy plans to restore optimal functioning, health, and well-being following a traumatic brain injury. Therapy for a traumatic brain injury can continue in an outpatient setting with licensed physical and occupational therapists in The NeuroMedical Center Clinic’s Outpatient Therapy Center.  Additionally, our Neuropsychology department is comprised of four of the areas most reputable medical psychologists who can help patients with a traumatic brain injury manage behaviors and learn coping strategies for a better road to recovery.

The NeuroMedical Center Offers the Full Spectrum of Neurological Care

A campus dedicated solely to the neurosciences, The NeuroMedical Center in Baton Rouge offers the full spectrum of care for the brain, spine, and nervous system under one roof. The NeuroMedical Center employs 30 physicians specializing in neurosurgery, neurology, pain medicine/PM&R, neuropsychology, and neuroradiology. This group of physicians works in detailed collaboration to tailor treatment plans based on your specific neurological condition.

While our neurosurgeons perform brain surgery, they also provide the highest level of expertise in the treatment of common problems like back pain, neck pain, and sciatica. In fact, NeuroMedical Center neurosurgeons have performed more brain and spine surgeries than any other physician group in South Louisiana. The NeuroMedical Center is the only medical campus on the Gulf Coast to offer laser spine surgery for spinal stenosis, herniated discs, degenerative disorders, and trauma.

Our neurology team is similarly well-equipped to handle disorders that affect the brain, spine, and nervous system. Through their collective specialty training, you can be assured in their ability to evaluate, treat, and rehabilitate patient’s brain, spine, or nervous system conditions. NeuroMedical Center neurologists have received extensive training in a wide variety of specialties including movement disorders, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, neuro-rehabilitation, and neuromuscular medicine, offering our patients the highest level of neurological care available regionally.

If you are looking for treatment for a traumatic brain injury or any other neurological condition there is no place better qualified or capable of providing high-quality care than The NeuroMedical Center in Baton Rouge. Our team of expert physicians strive to deliver exemplary patient service for optimal outcomes. The NeuroMedical Center medical campus is located at 10101 Park Rowe Avenue in Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70810. To make an appointment with any one of our neurological specialists, please call our scheduling desk at (225) 768-2050.

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