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If you are experiencing chronic muscle pain that does not respond to other forms of treatment , dry needling performed by therapists at The NeuroMedical Center may provide the relief you have been searching for.  Physical therapists at The NeuroMedical Center have earned advanced certifications in Trigger Point Dry Needling (TDN), a highly-effective treatment for acute and chronic myofascial pain.

Why Dry Needling

Dry needling is best for alleviating discomfort due to a common muscular pain condition known as myofascial pain. Myofascial pain is a chronic muscle pain syndrome characterized by areas of hyperirritable and painful muscle fibers. It commonly affects the neck and back, but can affect all muscular body parts.

Conditions Treated

How Dry Needling Works

Dry needling is a physical therapy technique that focuses on addressing sources of pain in the body by targeting exact pressure points in the muscles. Different from other injection treatments, dry needling does not inject any medications into the body.   It is a skilled manual therapy intervention in which a very thin, sterile filament needle is inserted through the skin into the muscle, and is directed into a myofascial trigger point. Inserting a needle in the trigger point will cause a “twitch” of the muscle and eliminate pain being felt in this area.

Dry needling treatment works by causing a physiological reaction that involves communication between the muscles and the brain. Insertion of the dry needle stimulates the muscle to send pain messages through the nervous system that essentially tell the brain an injury has occurred. This triggers the brain to release pain-relieving chemicals to that spot and also initiate the body’s natural healing processes. The immune response involves reducing inflammation so that blood can more easily reach the damaged muscle tissue to repair it.  Results include restored pain-free movement and function, making it possible for you to increase your activity level and get back to your normal routine. 


Choose The NeuroMedical Center's Outpatient Therapy Center

The NeuroMedical Center’s Outpatient Therapy Center offers well-trained physical therapists certified in trigger point dry needling (TDN). Our therapists will meet with you one-on-one to identify the source of your chronic or acute myofascial pain and will identify the trigger points that will effectively alleviate your pain.  If you are interested in seeing what dry needling can do for you, give us a call (225) 751-9797 or request an appointment online today!