Comprehensive Epilepsy Program | The NeuroMedical Center in Louisiana

The comprehensive Epilepsy program at The NeuroMedical Center offers expert evaluation and diagnosis as well as medical and surgical interventions for adult patients suffering from epilepsy and seizure disorders. Our Epilepsy Program consists of a team of specialists lead by neurologist and epilepsy specialist, Dr. Kuldeep V. Patel, who brings advanced training in all aspects of epilepsy patient care.  Dr. Patel provides expert interpretation of EEG (Electroencephalogram – a test routinely used in the diagnosis of epilepsy) and in management of epilepsy with various modalities like anti-seizure medications, devices like VNS, and surgical options.


Epilepsy is a common condition characterized by recurrent seizures. It is usually diagnosed after a person has had at least two seizures (of after one seizure with a high risk for more) that were not caused by some known medical condition. client=”2886″; openthis=”A_90ecf093″; width=720; vm_open();


As Louisiana’s leader in the diagnosis and delivery of advanced epilepsy care, our Epilepsy Program has the expertise, tools, and technology to improve your quality of care.  Our epilepsy experts provide a full evaluation for patients with epilepsy, seizure disorders, and symptoms such as unexplained loss of consciousness or confusional episodes.  The NeuroMedical Center offers the region’s most comprehensive range of diagnostic and treatment options available:

  • Complete evaluation for epilepsy from fellowship-trained physicians
  • In-house Neurodiagnostic lab providing state-of-the-art EEG technology
  • In-house Neuropsychology department for expert psychological testing and treatment
  • In-house rehabilitative services including occupational & physical therapy


For most people, epilepsy can be managed with medication.  Other times, epilepsy may be best treated with surgical options; in these instances, your neurologist will work a NeuroMedical neurosurgeon who specializes in surgeries aimed at controlling seizures.  At The NeuroMedical Center, the goal of our Epilepsy Program is to correctly diagnose your condition and help you choose the right treatment to  improve your quality of life.