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Readi-Steadi Glove

See the Transformation

Watch how the Readi-Steadi® glove is making a life-changing impact on patients of all ages, all over the world who are suffering with tremors.

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Innovation that balances the tremor and doesn’t compromise comfort

Readi-Steadi® Anti-Tremor Hand Orthotic

The Readi-Steadi® Anti-Tremor Orthotic Glove System is the world’s first fully customizable, hand orthotic invented and developed by The NeuroMedical Center occupational therapist and certified hand therapist, Krista Madere, for the management of mild to severe hand tremors associated with, but not limited to:

Neurosurgery Services

  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Essential Tremor
  • Dystonic Tremor
  • Resting Tremor
  • Action Tremor
  • Cerebellar Tremor
  • Psychological Disorders

Readi-Steadi® gloves can be adjusted within minutes to match an individual’s disease state, medication changes or other factors. Its low-profile, lightweight design allows for extendable wear time, preventing excessive muscle fatigue. Available in multiple colors and even waterproof options, Readi-Steadi® is ideal for all-day use in any private or social setting.

How Readi-Steadi® Works

How Readi-Steadi® Works

Readi-Steadi® is the result of a “meeting of the minds” between occupational therapist and certified hand therapist, Krista Madere, and Baton Rouge engineers. The discussions centered around weights, lift, and balance to steady shaking hands. As an occupational therapist for a neurologically-focused practice, Krista’s experience with patients with hand tremors made her think that extra weight added to the top of the hands might settle the shaking. After much experimenting, Krista developed a prototype that involved strapping small amounts of flat, non-toxic weights to the back of a patient’s hand. The patient with Parkinson’s was thrilled with the results.

Because the severity of patients’ tremors can fall along a spectrum, the Readi-Steadi® glove was designed to be highly adaptable – this allows it to be customized for each patient’s individual needs. The glove is made to comfortably fit each patient’s hand and the amount of weight in the glove is tailored to achieve the optimal level of control for each and every patient. It’s adjustable design also means it can adapt as the patient’s needs change. Many tremors are caused by degenerative diseases so as a patient’s condition progresses and their tremors increase, weights can be added to the glove

Gloves Not Surgery

Readi-Steadi® Anti-Tremor Hand Orthotic

Readi-Steadi® was designed not only to be a comfortable, low-maintenance, and cost-effective treatment for hand tremors, it also has the potential to spare patients from taking medication for their tremors that can be costly and have side effects. While some patients with tremor see great results with deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery performed by neurosurgeons at The NeuroMedical Center, Readi-Steadi® could keep individuals from having brain surgery.

The NeuroMedical Center’s Chief of Neurology and movement disorder specialist, Dr. Gerald J. Calegan agrees. “This device has the potential to allow our patients to have a better quality of life in a non-invasive manner and relatively inexpensive way” said Dr. Calegan who has referred many of his patients struggling with hand tremors to be fitted for Readi-Steadi® gloves.

Regaining the Upper Hand in Life

Regaining the Upper Hand in Life

Before the invention of the Readi-Steadi® glove, the only adaptive devices were available to counter the effects of tremor, such as modified pens weighted utensils. These tools have proven very beneficial to counter tremors, but most are task-specific, costly, and are far from subtle. The Readi-Steadi® glove is different because it is a wearable device that reduces tremors in all situations where hand control is crucial.

If you are living with hand tremors, and are tired of feeling frustrated with and or embarrassed by physical limitations associated with your hand tremors, the innovative Readi-Steadi® Anti-Tremor Hand Orthotic System could be the way to regain your confidence and enjoy life again!

The Birth of Readi-Steadi®

The Birth of Readi-Steadi®

At a young age, Krista Madere knew she wanted to change the world. She watched her grandfather’s heartbreaking struggle with Parkinson’s disease and vowed to someday find a way to help others suffering with similar conditions. By becoming an occupational therapist, Krista immersed herself in her practice and challenged herself to invent a device that could help people of all ages control their hand tremors in all aspects of daily living. A patient with Parkinson’s disease agreed to be her guinea pig, allowing Krista to test her theory that strategically placed weights on the tops of hands could counter the tremor. An experiment with two packs of AA batteries strapped to the back of the patient’s hand effectively stabilized her hand tremors. The world’s first anti-tremor hand orthotic was born.

The concept of strategically placed weights on the top of the hands is the foundation of today’s Readi-Steadi® design. Non-toxic weights are added to a molded glove that does not restrict motion and can be worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If the intensity of the tremor increases or subsides, Readi-Steadi® allows for easy adjustment.

Readi-Steadi® Glove Fittings

Readi-Steadi® Glove Fittings

Readi-Steadi® first hit the market in 2015, and has since attracted hundreds of patients from all over the world to The NeuroMedical Center to be fitted. Readi-Steadi® retails for $300 per glove and is covered by most insurances. A physician’s order for “Occupational Therapy/Anti-Tremor Hand Orthotic is required. To see if you are an ideal candidate for Readi-Steadi® please make an appointment with a NeuroMedical Center Neurologist by calling (225) 768-2050. If you are a referring physician please call (225) 751-9797.