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The NeuroMedical Center – Home of The Head Health Network’s Concussion Care Center

Innovative Concussion Care

The NeuroMedical Center is partnered with the Head Health Network (HHN) to bring a first-of-its-kind program addressing head-trauma in youth sports to Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. With its long and successful history of treating brain injuries, The NeuroMedical Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, will now serve as the HHN’s official Concussion Care Center. Along with the HHN’s goal of helping to detect, assess, and treat concussions, both organizations hope to make football and other sports safer for athletes of all ages nationwide.

Raising Concussion Care Standards

Founded in early 2015, the Head Health Network has quickly become a leading provider of real-time impact monitors and data analytics for elite collegiate football programs including LSU, Texas A&M, Penn State and TCU. A core function of the HHN is utilizing impact data from practices and games to help teams identify ways to create more effective, efficient, and potentially safer playing conditions. Beyond identifying opportunities for teams to improve their methods and performance, the HHN also integrates the key multidisciplinary functions, baseline and post-injury assessment, impact monitoring, immediate access to medical experts, an insurance policy to pay for care and a medical record to track relevant medical and impact data through time, that are necessary to deliver the highest standard of care for concussions and other head trauma. Historically, this standard of care has been limited to professional and collegiate sports programs, but the HHN has created an accessible and affordable program to deliver it at all levels of play. As the HHN’s official Concussion Care Center, The NeuroMedical Center’s expert team of neurologists and concussion specialists in Louisiana will provide comprehensive follow-up care for members of the HHN when necessary.

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Statistics show high school football accounts for nearly 50% of all reported school concussions, with many of these occurring during practice. Historically, it has been difficult to effectively monitor an entire team for concussive symptoms because it requires a combination of multiple trained observers and players self-reporting symptoms. On this front, the HHN program adds a valuable tool to organizations because the HHN smartphone and tablet apps can be utilized to provide real-time notifications to team personnel when a certain number of impacts have occurred or when specific impact thresholds have been exceeded. If a concussion has been sustained, players will receive expert follow-up care from a neurologist at The NeuroMedical Center in Baton Rouge.

Concussion is a growing problem in sports, but concussion can happen to anyone - in a fall, in a car, or in a bicycling accident. Anyone who suffers a head injury, however minor, should be evaluated for concussion or more serious brain trauma. Make an appointment with one of The NeuroMedical Center's concussion specialists in Baton Rouge, LA, by calling (225) 768-2050.

For additional information about the Head Health Network visit www.headhealthnetwork.com.