The McKenzie Method

The NeuroMedical Center’s Outpatient Therapy Team is one of a few in the region trained and certified in the McKenzie Method® of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy® (MDT).  If you are suffering with common low back or neck pain,  McKenzkie exercises may effectively help you manage your pain and improve mobility without the need for medications or surgery.

About The McKenzie Method®

The McKenzie Method® of physical therapy was developed by world-renowned expert physiotherapist Robin McKenzie in the 1950s. This well-researched, exercise based approach of assessment, diagnosis and treatment uses a comprehensive and clinically reasoned evaluation of patients without the use of expensive diagnostic imaging (e.g. x-rays and MRIs). The treatment principles of the McKenzie Method® promote the body’s potential to repair itself and do not involve the use of medication, heat, cold, ultrasound, needles, or surgery. The McKenzie Method® allows patients to learn the principles and empowers them to be in control of their own symptom management, which can reduce dependency on medical intervention. 

Goals of the McKenzie Method®

McKenzie exercises are used to strengthen muscles, increase soft tissue stability, restore range of movement, improve cardiovascular conditioning, increase proprioception, and reduce fear of movement.  Other goals include:

  • Help patients learn to manage their own pain
  • Eliminate symptoms as soon as possible 
  • Return to daily activities as soon as possible
  • Help minimize future pain
  • Teach self-treatment care for possible future occurences

Conditions Treated

When performed by licensed physical therapists at The NeuroMedical Center’s Oupatient Therapy Center, the McKenzie Method® is a safe and effective form of physical therapy ideal for patients experiencing:

Benefits of The McKenzie Method®

  • Backed by years of research, evidence and clinical practice
  • Known to show results in as little as two to three visits
  • Assessment-driven and individualized treatment plans
  • Active, not passive, therapy strategies for more successful management
  • Cost efficient – treatment without expensive tests or procedures
  • Non-invasive – no needles, no scalpel
  • Self-directed and managed – we work with you and teach you
  • Preventative – lifelong knowledge and skills

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The McKenzie Method of MDT give patients control of their pain and empowers them to get back to the life they love.  If lower back, neck, arm, or leg pain is keeping you on the sidelines, consider working with a certified McKenzie Method physical therapist at The NeuroMedical Center’s Outpatient Therapy Center.  If you are interested in seeing what our team can do for you, give us a call (225) 751-9797 or request an appointment online today!