Endovascular Neurosurgery - The NeuroMedical Center

The NeuroMedical Center offers a team of neurosurgeons and neuroradiologists with specialized expertise in brain aneurysms, AVM, stroke, and the full range of cerebrovascular conditions affecting the blood vessels in the brain. When surgical intervention is required for the treatment of these conditions, our experts offer a variety of leading-edge, minimally-invasive endovascular techniques.  Endovascular neurosurgery uses tools that pass through the blood vessels under flouroscopic guidance.  The advanced techniques generally only require a very small incision, allowing for faster recovery and fewer complications.

Neurosurgeons at The NeuroMedical Center diagnose and treat the full range of cerebrovascular conditions including:

Our neurosurgeons use advanced diagnostic imaging tests to identify cerebrovascular problems:

Depending on the patient’s specific cerobrovascular disease, treatment may include surgery, endovascular treatment, radiation treatment, or a combination of these treatments.