The Spine Hospital of Louisiana Launches Robotic Spine Surgery Program

November 12, 2018 5:50 pm

The Spine Hospital of Louisiana is pleased to bring the next revolution in minimally invasive spine surgery with the launch of its robotic spine surgery program. This state-of-the-art technology, only available at a small number of hospitals across the United States, combines image-based pre-operative analytics with intra-operative guidance to design and deliver a highly-customized surgical plan for each patient with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency. The Spine Hospital is now the only provider on the Gulf Coast to offer both robotic spine surgery and laser spine surgery—the two most minimally-invasive surgical technologies currently available for the treatment of common to complex spinal conditions.

The Spine Hospital’s new robotic system gives its team of neurosurgeons and orthopedic spine surgeons the ability to both pre-plan a patient’s surgery and perform the surgery with never-before-seen precision. Before even entering the operating room, surgeons plan an optimal surgery by using computerized tomography (CT) images to create a 3D ‘blueprint’ of the patient’s spine. During surgery, and with the surgeon in full control, the robot uses this blueprint to guide the surgeon’s hands and tools to the precise and planned location of surgery. Patients benefit from increased accuracy of their surgery, a reduction in potential complications, smaller incisions and tissue damage, and a shorter and less painful recovery. Additionally, improved imaging of the new robotic system limits the use of x-rays needed to complete many spine surgeries—dramatically reducing the amount of radiation exposure endured by the surgical patient. The Spine Hospital spine surgery robot enhances surgical care for a wide variety of neurological and orthopedic spinal conditions including spinal stenosis, herniated discs, degenerative disorders, spinal trauma, and more.

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“We are thrilled to be at the forefront of minimally-invasive spinal surgery and to continue delivering the highest quality of care to our patients” says Medical Director and Neurosurgeon, Gregory L. Fautheree, M.D. “The future of spine surgery is here in Baton Rouge and we are eager to show why the Spine Hospital remains at the pinnacle of spinal surgery with this game-changing technology.”

The Spine Hospital is the only hospital in Louisiana and the entire the Gulf Coast to offer both robotic spine surgery and laser spine surgery at its main campus located at 10105 Park Rowe Avenue in Baton Rouge’s Perkins Rowe.  To see if robotic or laser spine surgery is right for you, ask your physician or request an initial consultation.

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