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Providing Expert Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Care

The NeuroMedical Center in Baton Rouge has designed a Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Program dedicated to helping patients living with MS.  Our neurologically-focused campus is one of just three in Louisiana designated by the National MS Society as a Center for Comprehensive MS Care in its Partners in Care program.  Our MS program provides outstanding disease management for 1,500 patients with MS and related disorders by combining the expertise of many different healthcare professionals– each contributing in a unique way to the management of the disease and the symptoms it can cause. The NeuroMedical Center delivers an unparalleled level of multiple sclerosis care in South Louisiana by offering these MS experts, along with the full range of MS services, under one roof.

Importance of Comprehensive MS Care

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a complicated disease that can affect every aspect of your life. With an unpredictable disease course of relapses, remissions, and progression of neurological disability, it takes a team of healthcare professionals trained to treat MS from various disciplines to address the myriad of MS physical, emotional, and mental health issues. That’s why The NeuroMedical Center brings together experts from a wide variety of specialties to create and deliver a comprehensive MS care plan focused on your unique needs. 

The NeuroMedical Center’s multi-disciplinary MS team includes:

 Our MS program also provides the latest advancements in treatments, rehabilitation services, diagnostics, and clinical trials–all under one roof.  In addition, we actively participate in cutting-edge research, to facilitate the development of new treatments and optimize the potential of people with MS. 

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Dedicated to MS Care in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

In 2018, the National MS Society designated the The NeuroMedical Center as a Center for Comprehensive MS Care. This achievement recognizes the ability of our neurological campus to provide comprehensive, state-of-the-art care to patients with MS, while also contributing to important research advances.

Leading The NeuroMedical Center in providing world-class MS care is board-certified neurologist and MS specialist, Dr. April A. Erwin.  Dr. Erwin joined The NeuroMedical Center in 2012 and was named a Partner in MS Care by the National MS Society in 2016.  Dr. Erwin is the Greater Baton Rouge area’s only fellowship-trained multiple sclerosis specialist, currently overseeing care for 1,5000 men and women living with MS and related disorders in South Louisiana.  

MS Clinical Trials

In addition to providing an outstanding level of comprehensive patient care, our team of MS experts are at the forefront of research into new treatments of MS. Dr. Erwin is actively researching a variety of MS medications and non-pharmacologic treatments. Our in-house Clinical Research department located on the 4th floor of The NeuroMedical Center is currently researching new treatments for MS, and offers our patients access to potentially groundbreaking therapies currently only available in clinical trials.

Fighting MS Together

At  The NeuroMedical Center’s Center for Comprehensive MS Care, we understand that MS affects each person in unique ways.  That’s why we are dedicated to providing outstanding care focused on your individual needs.  Every patient has a unique treatment plan that can range from medications, infusion treatment, and rehabilitation therapies that help manage symptoms. 

To help fight the effects of MS, it’s best to discover the development of the disease as quickly as possible, and to start seeing an MS Specialist to begin a treatment program. For the best in MS care, contact The NeuroMedical Center today or request an appointment online.

"Thanks to God, Dr. April Erwin, and her team at The NeuroMedical Center, multiple sclerosis has NEVER stood in the way of my passion: Teaching!"

Dana Morrison

Elementary School Teacher