The Latest Brain Tumor Therapy Now Available in Baton Rouge

July 20, 2016 2:27 pm

(Baton Rouge, LA) The NeuroMedical Center, home to the South’s largest team of neurological experts, is once again one of the first hospitals in the nation to offer the very latest in brain tumor therapy.  A second generation Novocure Optune System, recently approved by the FDA for patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma multiforme, or GBM, is now being prescribed to patients by the area’s only board certified neurologist/neuro-oncologist, Dr. Jon D. Olson.

Optune is a non-invasive, wearable and portable device that has been shown in clinical trials to safely deliver continuous therapy to the area of the brain where a GBM tumor is located. Optune delivers therapy through 4 adhesive patches, called transducer arrays, which are placed directly on the patient’s scalp based on MRI results to maximize the therapy’s effect on the tumor. When Optune is turned on, it creates low-intensity electric fields called Tumor Treating Fields, or TTFields. TTFields help slow or stop glioblastoma cancer cells from dividing and may also cause some of them to die. Because the arrays connect to a TTFields generator and a power supply which fit into a small backpack, the patient is able to go about his or her daily activities while receiving continuous treatment.

On July 13, 2016, the FDA approved an even smaller, lighter Optune system. At 2.7 pounds, the second generation Optune System is half the weight of the first Optune system , making the therapy more convenient and manageable for the patient. In addition to being smaller and lighter for enhanced carrying comfort, new features of the second generation Optune System include a battery indicator that displays power and alerts patients when to change the battery or power source without disrupting the delivery of the tumor treating fields.

“There was a strong need for better GBM therapies and the original Optune system was a welcome treatment option,” said Dr. Olson who has been prescribing Optune to his GBM patients since the first generation technology received the FDA nod in 2015. “The lighter and improved system will help more patients tolerate the treatment better and longer, hopefully with even greater results. ”

Affecting up to 12,500 Americans every year, GBM is the most common type of primary brain cancer in adults. Optune was first approved for the treatment of newly diagnosed GBM in adults 22 years of age or older by the FDA on October 5, 2015 based on the successful results of the EF-14 phase 3 trial.  Optune is the first FDA-approved therapy in more than a decade to demonstrate statistically significant extension of survival in GBM patients. Although a relatively new technology, Optune has shown great promise in extending survival time for GBS patients. In clinical trials, 48% of patients treated with Optune lived at least 2 years after starting the therapy. Historically, the median overall survival time from initial diagnosis is 15 months with optimal treatment.  It is recommended that the Optune system be worn by the patient 18 hours a day or more for best results.

Dr. Jon D. Olson, brain tumor specialist, is now prescribing Optune to ideal candidates at The NeuroMedical Center located at 10101 Park Rowe Avenue in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Patients can schedule an appointment with Dr. Olson by calling (225) 768-2050.

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