Doctor Spotlight: Dr. Kelly J. Scrantz

October 22, 2018 10:14 pm

The team at The Neuromedical Center in Baton Rouge would like to take a moment to highlight Dr. Kelly J. Scrantz. He is a neurosurgeon that has a few different specialties. From minimally invasive to complex spine surgeries, Dr. Kelly Scrantz will have you in good hands. His philosophy is that he will treat you just as he treats his own family, which can set you at ease when there are plenty of things to consider and think about when going in.

What surgeries does Dr. Kelly Scrantz have experience with?

Dr. Kelly Scrantz will be able to help you if you need surgery on any of the following: cervical and lumbar, scoliosis, cranial, skull-based, carpal tunnel, ulnar nerve, or acoustic neuroma. He and his family of physicians are ready to help you through whatever the best treatment decisions will be. As a board certified neurological surgeon, you can trust that the care you receive from him will be the top of the line. When asked what sets him apart from other doctors, the record he has of successful and innovative surgeries makes his value extremely apparent, but is the personal care he gives to patients that is what he is most proud of.

When you are having meetings with an neurosurgeon, it is never a carefree time. The ease that Dr. Kelly Scrantz is able to give patients with his well-earned confidence and strong care for his patients is a game changer. People in Baton Rouge often seek out research for treatment in cities farther away from home, but time and time again realize that once they are in the office of Dr. Scrantz that being treated by him is exactly where they need to be.

One thing that is always in the forefront of Dr. Kelly Scrantz’s thinking is how the procedure can be as minimally invasive as possible. Whatever procedure you have done will be a big deal, but the less invasive it is leads to a much smoother recover process. Knowing that your doctor is looking out for you, before, during and after the surgery, allows you and your family members to take such a breath of relief. Every aspect of the experience is considered and Dr. Scrantz will have you feeling like you are one of his own. He says that one of the best parts of his career as a neurosurgeon is when patients return to see him after their surgeries to thank him for the good work he has done.

What is Dr. Kelly Scrantz’s background?

The feeling of comfort you have will be made even more so when you learn that Dr. Scrantz is a native of southern Louisiana. Right down the road from the Neuromedical Center in Baton Rouge is where he earned his undergraduate at Louisiana State University. He stayed with that institution and went to New Orleans to complete his medical degree with Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans. He did eventually leave Louisiana though. The University of Tennessee Medical Center is where he completed his fellowships in minimally invasive and complex spinal surgeries. There, he also gained a lot of experience in complex skull-based brain tumors. To have specialties in these things can give you peace of mind that you are choosing one of the best out there to take care of you. There is strong confidence in his expertise, noted in him being named of one of Louisiana’s top neurosurgeons every year since 2007. Such continued excellence proves that he is at the top of his field and will consider every unique possibility with your case.

Every person that walks into The Neuromedical Center is going to have a unique experience and treatment plan, but the stories of high quality care and support that he and his team receive over and over again are what is most important. The team surrounding Dr. Scrantz works around the clock to make sure you are taken care of and comfortable in your experience. Dr. Scrantz is currently accepting new patients, so contact Dr. Scrantz today!

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