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Mehdi Soltani, M.D.

Mehdi Soltani, M.D.

The NeuroMedical Center Clinic
10101 Park Rowe Avenue
4th Floor
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70810

Specializes in: Epilepsy, Stroke, Sleep Disorders, VNS and EMG/NCV.

Dr. Soltani earned his medical degree from Tehran University in Iran before moving to the United States to complete his internship at Maryland General Hospital. Dr. Soltani moved to New Orleans to complete his neurology residency at Tulane University. During his residency training, he received extensive training in acute stroke management, neuropathy and seizures and also gained valuable experience in electromyography (EMG) and nerve conduction velocity testing (NCV) which are important methods used in the detection of neuromuscular abnormalities. Prior to starting his practice in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Dr. Soltani also completed a fellowship in neurophysiology and epilepsy at The University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Dr. Soltani is board certified in neurology and epilepsy. Since joining The NeuroMedical Center in 2011, Dr. Soltani has used his training and experience to improve the quality of life for hundreds of epilepsy patients across South Louisiana. As an epilepsy specialist, Dr. Soltani diagnoses and treats patients with epilepsy, which is a chronic condition caused by abnormal nerve activity in the brain. The disorder is one of the most common neurological diseases and is characterized by recurrent seizures. Because epilepsy occurs on a spectrum, every patient’s treatment needs will be different. Medication is generally the first therapy used and in some cases a combination of different medications may be necessary to control epilepsy symptoms. For patients who do not respond to medications, surgical options may be effective as well as therapeutic devices, such as vagus nerve stimulation (VNS). This therapy uses a device similar to a pacemaker to deliver mild electrical pulses to the brain through the vagus nerve. VNS therapy can be effective at preventing seizures by sending impulses at regular intervals to the brain where seizures are triggered. In addition to helping individuals with epilepsy manage their condition, Dr. Soltani specializes in the treatment of stroke as well as sleep disorders.

Dr. Soltani is currently accepting new patients. To schedule a consultation, call (225) 768-2050.