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No Pain, Belinda’s Gain

Belinda Turner
Belinda Turner
Baton Rouge, LA
"My name is Belinda. I am 62 years old and a patient of Dr. Paul Waguespack, neurosurgeon, at The NeuroMedical Center. 27 years ago I fell backwards, flat on my back in a ravine. As a result I had sciatic pain. The pain progressively worsened over the 27 years. It was so debilitating it was hard to walk and at times it brought me to my knees. In June of 2015, Dr. Waguespack diagnosed me with spondylolisthesis acquired and lumbar radiculopathy. In July 2015, I had an anterior lumbar interbody fusion L-4,L-5, S-1 to decompress and stabilize my spine. In less than 3 weeks, I was walking a mile with no pain. Every step of the way Dr. Waguespack took his time to explain in detail the procedures. Thanks to Dr. Waguespack and his exceptional staff, I am enjoying life again! It's now time for my husband and I to hop on our motorcycle for a hiking trip in the Smoky Mountains!""
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