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Glen Redd
Glen Redd
Greenwell Springs, Louisiana
When I'm not in the office working, I like to hunt deer. During hunting season I carry 50 pound sacks of corn and climb plenty of trees, and as a result I ended up with back pain. I had injections that worked for about a year and a half, but it got to the point where I could hardly walk. I had to start moving around the house and office in a wheel chair. This went on for a month and a half, until I was unable to get up out of bed. A family friend recommended that I see Dr. Scrantz, a neurosurgeon at The NeuroMedical Center. Dr. Scrantz saw that I had a bulging disc, but was confident he could fix me up. I was in so much pain that I was in bed 24/7 prior to my surgery. I had surgery early in the morning at The NeuroMedical Center Surgical Hospital. When I woke up in recovery I could already tell the back pain was gone. By noon I was able to get up and walk by myself. This was amazing to me. I had an incision on my back that was less than an inch. It was so small I had trouble even finding it on my back. I was back at my office working in less than a week. This was a miracle to me! I tell everyone I know how wonderful The NeuroMedical Center made me feel and that I am now free from back pain. 
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