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Linda Vanhoy Lewis
Linda Vanhoy Lewis
Having seen neurosurgeon, Dr. Scott Soleau for a preliminary work up after finding I have an L5 fracture, I am truly impressed. Being a retired RN, I'm a bit more judgmental when choosing my physicians. Dr. Soleau presented himself as very understanding and interested in me as a person. He wants to know the physiology of my symptoms before coming up with a diagnosis and treatment plan. Also, neurologist Dr. Charles Eberly was excellent in his EMG exam. He is very personable and we discussed our early careers as healthcare providers. I was very much at ease and he made a somewhat unpleasant experience (of electrical impulses shooting through your body) at least bearable.  The entire staff at The Neuromedical Center is friendly and professional. I am fortunate to have that facility nearby, and feel secure and safe in their care!
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