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A Story of Success

Mike Paxton
Mike Paxton
Zachary, Louisiana
Mike Paxton is an active forty-three year old who has been riding motorcycles and working with his hands his entire life. An electrician by trade, he routinely relies on his hands to lift materials, turn valves and handle equipment. In 1995, he began to notice a reoccurring pain in his hands that would eventually cause them to go numb. He was not sleeping well and would often awake in the middle of the night with a pain emanating from the top of his shoulder down to the tip of his fingers. He could barely slip on a baseball glove and began missing out on playing ball with his kids. As if the debilitating pain, missed baseball and sleep issues weren't enough, Mike was finding in increasingly difficult to indulge in another favorite passion -riding his motorcycle. Mike decided to seek medical help and visited Dr. Eberly, a neurologist at The NeuroMedical Center. After his first appointment, Dr. Eberly observed that Mike was having some severe carpal tunnel issues and was surprised Mike was could even hold light-weight objects in his hands. Dr. Eberly recommended Mike first try anti-inflammatory medications, but they were of little help. Mike put off the idea of surgery for a long time then returned to The NeuroMedical Center to see neurosurgeon, Dr. Eric Oberlander. After consultation, Dr. Oberlander explained his belief that carpal tunnel surgery would be successful in helping Mike return to his normal self. Mike agreed to surgery and it was performed on both hands at different times in 2009. After the surgeries, the numbness in his hands disappeared, sleep came easily, and not only is he back to riding motorcycles again, but Michael is also competing in Enduroracing events, which often consist of a 50-mile race through the woods. "I can't tell you how excited I am to return to a normal life. I work pain free, I can ride my motorcycle and I am thrilled to be back coaching and playing baseball with my kids again. I can slip on a glove no problem and the kids don't have to stop and wait while dad gives his hands a rest. The kids also ride dirt bikes and we can do this together again as a family. I feel one hundred percent better and am truly grateful to The NeuroMedical Center. Both Dr. Eberly and Dr. Oberlander are great guys and the Surgical Hospital was great too. Everyone treated me well and I didn't even have any paperwork problems. If I knew a person with carpal tunnel syndrome I would encourage them to get it taken care of without hesitation. It's the best thing I could have done." Each year, our team of professionals helps hundreds of people like Mike relieve pain, recover from injuries and successfully return to a better quality of life. At The NeuroMedical Center, we help are proud to be a part of Mike Paxton's success.
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