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A Story of Independence

Jerri Scott
Jerri Scott
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Jerri Scott drove a school bus for 26 years. She's not sure if a quarter century of bumpy roads and bus seats is what led to her back problems, but she's certainly not counting it out. After she retired, the pain got worse and eventually it began to hamper her ability to do some of the things she loved. Most of all, it was stopping her from being independent and by goodness, she had nine grandchildren she needed to visit and it was time she took action. Her primary care doctor referred to Dr. Scrantz at The NeuroMedical Center Clinic who diagnosed her with degenerative disc disease. After careful consultation, he explained to Jerri what he could do and how he could help relieve her pain. Jerri ended up having two operations at The NeuroMedical Center Surgical Hospital to repair the disc and after each went to our Rehabilitation Hospital. "My back pain was so severe and I wanted to be mobile again. I was a young widow and told Dr. Scrantz I didn't want to have to depend too much on my children. Dr. Scrantz, made me feel so comfortable and he genuinely cared for me. He was confident he could help me and sure enough he did. After my surgeries at The Rehabilitation Hospital they were great, too. Dr. Scott Nyboer and my therapists took excellent care of me. They were patient, worked closely with me one day at a time and helped me regain my strength. Now, I'm out and about again! I enjoy going to my weekly bible studies and meeting my friends for coffee and lunch. I can even use my riding lawn mower to cut my grass. And of course, I'm free to go see my grandchildren whenever I want." Best of all, Jerri continues as a volunteer for the American Cancer Society. Reminiscent of her old "bus driving days," Jerri ferries one patient at a time to places they need to go. At The NeuroMedical Center, we are proud to be a part of Jerri's independence.
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