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Memory Screenings

October 24, 2017

November is National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

Memory screenings at The NeuroMedical Center

To coincide with National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, The NeuroMedical Center is partnering with Alzheimer’s Services of the Capital Area to offer free, confidential Memory Screenings on Thursday, November 2, 2017 to all individuals concerned about memory loss. A memory screening is not used to diagnose any particular illness but can alleviate fear of the unknown. This event provides a valuable opportunity to learn more about healthy lifestyle choices for successful aging. Attend to receive a memory screening and learn about dementia and community resources available for your assistance.


You may benefit from a memory screening if you answer “yes” to any of these questions:

• Am I becoming forgetful?
• Do I have trouble concentrating?
• Do I have difficulty with familiar tasks?
• Do I forget where I am or where I am going?
• Am I misplacing things more often?
• Has my family or friends noticed changes in mood or personality?

Memory Screening Goals

• Provide free, confidential memory screenings to those with memory concerns or who want to check their memory
• Eliminate the stigma and fear associated with dementia
• Encourage those with memory concerns to follow up with an exam by a physician or other qualified healthcare professional for an accurate diagnosis, treatment, social services, and community resource
• Educate the public about Alzheimer’s disease and successful aging
• Alleviate the fears of those who do not have a problem
• Provide information about the education and support services available through Alzheimer’s Services of the Capital Area


You do not need to make an appointment to receive a free memory screening at The NeuroMedical Center on Thursday, November 2nd. The tests will be administered on the 2nd floor of Clinic between 9am and noon. Take the elevators up to the 2nd floor and you will see the screening rooms as soon as you step out of the elevator.

For more information on additional memory screening locations offered by Alzheimer’s Services of the Capital Area throughout the month of November, please visit ALZBR.ORG.