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History of The NeuroMedical Center


Dr. Thomas Flynn’s grandfather and great grandfather—who would visit patients on horseback in Tennessee —were both general practitioners. So an interest and love for medicine was always in Dr. Flynn’s blood, even though the calling skipped his father who was a passionate and successful author.

Dr. Flynn thought he would follow in the footsteps of his grandfather and great grandfather and be a general practitioner, but his interest in the neurosciences was so strong that he decided to become a neurosurgeon.

By the time Dr. Flynn finished medical school and began practicing in Baton Rouge in 1967, he was the only board certified neurosurgeon between Baton Rouge and Shreveport, and he saw first hand how much Louisiana could benefit from the neurosciences.

Dr. Flynn always wanted to start a group practice because he felt that in order to be successful and offer patients the best and most comprehensive neurological care, a group of physicians needed to pool their resources in one place.

In the 1970’s, multidisciplinary group practices were becoming a successful trend around the country, but when Dr. Flynn expressed interest in forming a group practice that focused solely on the neurosciences, many people in town told him his idea would fail due to lack of patient referrals.

In 1978, Dr Flynn disregarded his critics and hired Dr. Sam Levert, neurologist; Dr. John Clifford, neurosurgeon; and Dr. Anthony Ioppolo, neurosurgeon, forming The Baton Rouge Neurological and Neurosurgical Associates. They were located downtown on Peachtree Street and they proved to be so successful within the first five years that they had to expand their location to accommodate the growing patient load. They later moved to a new location on South Acadian and in 1986 renamed the group The NeuroMedical Center.

In 1992, the group moved to a location on Hennessy Boulevard near Our Lady of the Lake, and in 2001, because growth was so great, The NeuroMedical Center began constructing its present location and in 2004 opened the doors to the present Perkins Rowe location off Bluebonnet Boulevard.

The new Perkins Rowe facility offers patients quality comprehensive care from eight neurosurgeons, eight neurologists, five physical medicine and rehabilitation/ pain medicine physicians, three neuropsychologists/clinical psychologists, and one neuroradiologist. The facility also houses a 23-bed surgical hospital, a 27-bed rehabilitation hospital, a sleep center, along with an in-house lab and radiology department. The NeuroMedical Center employs over 400 people and cares for over 25,000 patients each year from Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

Dr. Flynn never imagined that his vision for a group practice focused on the neurosciences would become such a successful and important asset to Louisiana and the surrounding states.