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Bradley Devillier

Bradley Devillier

Director of Facility Management
The Spine Hospital of Louisiana
10105 Park Rowe Circle
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70810
(225) 763-9900

Bradley is a graduate of Southeastern Louisiana University and has proudly served the country and the Louisiana Army National Guard in the 159th M.A.S.H./Det 5 HQ STARC for 10 years. He is a national member of the American Society of Healthcare Engineers, ASHE, and presently serves as Treasurer and board member of the local chapter of Louisiana Society for Healthcare Facilities Management (LASHFM.) Bradley has over 20 years experience in healthcare leadership and operations, holding valuable positions with notable specialty hospital and medical office building properties including HealthSouth Surgi-Center, The Surgical Specialty Centre, United Surgical Partners International, and Cambridge Healthcare, Inc.

Since joining The Spine Hospital of Louisiana team in 2010, Bradley has lead facility systems management, facility construction projects, and regulatory compliance related to the Environment of Care, emergency preparedness and life safety. He also manages departmental staffing, contracted services, and operations associated with engineering, biomed, security, safety and environmental services. Bradley is very passionate about sustaining and improving the environment in which we deliver healthcare so patients can recover quickly and continue to have positive outcomes.